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Quality Goals
We have an internally specified Customer Return Goal of less than 1000PPM, which is equivalent to less than one tenth of percent reject rate . And, to our satisfaction, each team has a proven history of meeting or exceeding this rate.

We provide our skilled labor force with advanced equipments and technology to produce high quality products, and we take it very seriously being part of your Quality Assurance team. Every employee is empowered with good sense of quality, taking pride in delivering products that meet the tightest requirement in tolerances and aesthetics. We all appreciate that we are checkpoint for your facility, and we expect our work to be to you satisfaction the first time and every time.

This commitment to quality has earned us "ship-to-stock" status as a supplier to many major manufacturers in various fields including computer, business equipment, telecommunications and medical equipment industries

However, we are still striving for improvement, because we are not satisfied with just being good, instead, we are always in pursuit of being the best.
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