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At ACE Mould, we actualize concepts. We nurture ideas from inception, produce each part, assemble them, and then drop-ship the completed packages.

Our services embody the principle of high-quality,low-cost, and just-in-time.

Quality assurance

Quality is vital to a product. Our staff contributes to it from beginning to end. We have competent engineers and technicians involved in the design for "Best Practices" .We build up an experienced purchasing staff, among which purchasing engineers and technicians are included, and establish professional inspection labs. Then, our technicians are always available to ensure the quality in production. At last, all the products must be put through stringent testing labs.

We are confident that any product we provide matches that of the same price in quality.

Cost control

Comparative price means profits to both sides. We manage to control the product cost from both production cost and acquisition cost. First, we provide the "Design for Manufacturability" solution in pursuit of the most economical program for each project so that the products cost are reduced. On the other hand, we established an agile purchasing force to search the cheapest materials on the basis that all the materials are up to standard.

Just-in-time service

It may mean cost to customers whether we make delivery early or late. So, on the one hand, we take pains to meet deadlines and improve times to market; on the other hand, we established off-site logistics system, by which we can keep parts or components for you until you want them.
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